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Our Services

At CLR, we operate a partnership approach with our clients and offer customised solutions tailored to their unique business needs.

We deliver an extensive range of corporate relocation services in the UK and internationally, by ensuring that our expert relocation advisors exceed your expectations.

We will partner with you to own, oversee and strategically manage your mobility programme and transform it into a driver of recruitment, engagement, and retention of your employees

In supporting your company’s journey to build and implement a mobility program, our client-focused expertise and support will assist in defining and developing a program as it broadens its engagement with talent worldwide. And with employer branding becoming an increasingly significant influence in the ‘war of talent’, this is an essential factor in attracting and retaining employees.

We understand that for anybody relocating from one area to another, particularly if crossing borders, is fraught with challenges and are stressful times for people – this is amplified if they are relocating with children or relocating with pets. Our professional relocation services make the process of moving as smooth as possible by supporting and guiding your talent through every stage, so they are able to enjoy the experience of one of the most life-changing moments of their career, and that they can focus on their new role.

We believe in doing things differently and always challenge traditional practices by having innovation at the centre of everything.

How can we help you?

Destination Services

At CLR, we offer a comprehensive range of destination services. With our destination services consultants, we provide a single point of contact throughout the relocation process, ensuring that the relocating employee and their family receive both a professional and personal service.

Our destination services consultants are able to offer help and advice on all aspects of the assignee’s requirements at their destination. We understand that each assignee is different and pride ourselves on the thorough nature of our client support from start-to-finish in each aspect of our service offering.

Advisory Briefing Service / On-boarding

Briefing employees pre-assignment  with regards to budgets, areas, how the renting process in the UK works including the legal need to knows, details of good agents in the area and, more importantly, those to avoid.

Short Term Corporate Housing Solutions

Co-ordination and placement of employees in short-term housing with various solutions available including pre-viewing of properties, first point of contact for employees and management of landlord / agency relationships. All solutions are based on relocation policy and pre-agreed with the client.

Desktop / Remote Assistance

Sometimes referred to as ‘unaccompanied’ home search. Again an itinerary of suitable properties is sourced and sent to the employee. They may then choose to arrange to view all or a selection of our findings. We can assist with the contract negotiations and all other services that follow on from assisted home search.

Accompanied Home Search

Supporting the employee / family through the process of finding a home: needs analysis, hand-holding and guidance through the process, putting together an itinerary of properties to be viewed and accompanying the individual(s) on property viewings. Generally around 10 properties will be shown over the course of the day but there may be slightly more or less depending on market conditions.

Lease Negotiations / Tenancy Set Up

First point of contact for the employees in the event of any maintenance problems that the employee may have mid-tenancy – we act as their representative. They liaise with us and we contact the agent on their behalf, leaving them to focus on their work.

Inventory Check In / Check Out

Our inventory clerk will attend the check in and draw up a report listing the inventory. This will be used as evidence at the check out in order to negotiate the deposit return.

Settling-In: welcome / walk-through

Ensuring a smooth transition for employees when moving to a new home and location can be furthered through our settling in support. This can encompass a broad range of services such as post-move area orientations, meet and greet service – airport / home, utility set-up, setting up of bank accounts, arranging for insurance (home / health), an introduction to the local community through clubs, gyms, network groups, etc.

Departure Service

Assisting with formal check out, negotiating the deposit return and close down of utility and council tax accounts.

Tenancy Management

First-point of contact for employees in the event of any maintenance and / or administrative issues that the employee may face throughout their tenancy, with us acting as their representative. The employee liaises with us and we manage thereafter, contacting the agent or contractor on their behalf whilst leaving the employee to focus on work.

Deposit Management

Co-ordinating payments of holding deposit in order to reserve the property, whilst based on pre-agreed policy with client.

HR Support

The team at CLR has the knowledge and expertise to deliver each aspect of the relocation service. We offer a full range of corporate services to meet the ever evolving demands on HR and in-house Mobility teams, that can be individually tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each move. Our packages have been designed to complement client policy, including concise reporting whilst providing comprehensive personal assistance to the individual relocating assignee.

Our team is equally versed in working with a short-term project team as we are with assisting 100’s of one way transfers. We work alongside HR to complement the support being provided and ensure that the assignee receives the necessary guidance throughout the relocation process, all managed by a single point of contact who will be familiar with the client policy, the assignee, their family and the relocation journey that they have embarked upon.

Policy Consultation

We can assist with creating new policies in line with industry standards, client needs and requirements or with streamlining existing policies to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness based on feedback from assignees.

Expense Management

Acting as an extension of the company’s Accounts Department, our service can provide comprehensive assistance with expense management, cost tracking and tax reporting. Specific elements of the service include:

    • Overseeing expense approval / reimbursement
    • Cost tracking
    • Home search
    • Tax coding
    • Interfacing with payroll
    • Accounts payable reporting
  • Cost analysis and reporting

Cost of living analysis

We can provide a detailed analysis of the difference between the cost of living in departure and destination cities. The cost of living analysis will include a personalised assessment of the employee and their family, including basic expenses such as; housing, food, taxes and healthcare.

Visa and immigration support

We can liaise with HR and the employee in utilising the services of our immigration partner to prepare all appropriate documentation and manage the legal process before entry into the UK. This service can be extended to assist the family of the employee and any domestic staff that may be relocating.

Group moves

Structured assistance can be provided in line with a service level agreement to ensure that every employee receives an identical service from start to finish.

Visa & Immigration

Obtaining the correct visa and immigration work permits can be a complicated and time consuming exercise but one that is critical to allow the movement of assignees. The CLR team can provide visa and immigration assistance and advice in securing the required permits on a global basis. Using our partner immigration law firm, our aim is to co-ordinate and manage the visa and immigration process with the relevant authorities on behalf of the assignee. During this process CLR will liaise with the assignee’s HR department to ensure that all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

What is included:

  • Visa and immigration application
  • Work permit processing
  • Visa and immigration re­-entry permit
  • Legalisations of visa and immigration documentation
  • Local required registration


Move Management

Our move management service has been designed to simplify the moving process. We will assume responsibility for the co-ordination of the move by managing the whole process in-house, communicating and liaising with the assignee through a single point of contact.

This service has been uniquely designed to take the hassle out of moving. We take care of all of the necessary details to ensure that your belongings are transported to your new home safely. We provide a full move management service from consultation through to packing, shipping and storage – the CLR Move Management Consultants will take care of it all.

Our moving services are designed to make the relocation process smooth and efficient.

Our expert relocation consultants will oversee every stage of the household goods move from packing, submitting insurance and customs documentation, shipping, delivery, storage, and unpacking by using our trusted partners.

Wherever you are looking to relocate someone to, our move management services will be able to help.


We will liaise with the removals / shipping companies to simplify and manage the process on behalf of the assignee, providing regular updates on progress.


We can instruct several removals / shipping companies to perform a survey of household goods to be moved to obtain and analyse quotes.


Our in-house consultants will oversee the logistical side of the relocation, monitoring the goods in transit and ensuring the correct customs documentation has been processed.


Safe and secure storage facilities can be sourced at either end of the relocation. As timeframes may not match up exactly, we can provide short-term storage solutions that suit the requirements of the assignee. Alternatively, we can source long-term storage for the duration of the assignment in either the home country or at the destination.


It is vital that the household goods and all providers are fully insured throughout the entire move. We will ensure that the condition of goods pre- and post-move are accounted for and that any damages are reimbursed.